Your eyebrows are sisters…not twins!


Avoid the scary, drawn on eyebrows look by NOT trying to match them perfectly in shape, size and consistency. They should look similar, yes, but don’t keep adding and adding product in the hope that they might look identical. Unless you have a perfectly symmetrical face, this is likely to look ridiculous! Concentrate on one brow at a time, filling in gaps, and take a few glances at them both together occasionally to check they’re on the same page!

A general rule of thumb is to always leave the inner ends slightly lighter, as per natural eyebrow growth. They can darken in the arch and towards the ends to get your look as close to nature as possible!


See my product review of No7’s Lash and Brow Perfector – a great product for setting your brows after all the hard work of sculpting them!


Stay Beautiful!



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