Wonder product! (and another apology….)

Hi beauties!

Sorry to disappear for so long. I’ve had a pretty bad bout of anxiety and panic attacks for the last month and I am just now coming round and starting to feel a little better each day. To anyone who might read this who is suffering with anxiety, especially if like me you’ve never had an anxiety problem before, please let someone know. It’s one of the most curable psychological conditions and you can get so much help from your doctor.

Anyway, I’m back! And I really wanted to start off sharing a great experience I’ve had with an oldie-but-goodie of a product – SunIn!

I was desperate to lighten my colour but without the price tag that’s attached to having it done at the salon, and without the damage that comes with home lightening kits. So, I bought SunIn…for £1.45 from Boots. It’s great! I spray it in twice a week (and have been doing so for the past month) after washing my hair and although the results are very slow to materialise, they are definitely now showing! I’ll add a picture below to show the colour change. I sat in exactly the same place on my sofa and the same time of day to take the picture, and the colour is very accurate to what I see in the mirror.


So, if you’re after gradual, even and natural looking lightening in your hair, then this product is great!


Let me know if you’ve used it before, and what kind of results you got.

As a side note, my hair was a medium auburn colour and is now an caramel-y dark blonde! Perfect!

Stay beautiful!



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