About Lindsay

About Me

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to check out my beauty blog! In it you’ll find my reviews and tips on tried and tested beauty products; from mascara to moisturiser! But first, a little about me…


My name is Lindsay and I’m from the North East of England. I am 27 years old and would describe myself, I suppose, as an ‘average’ women when it comes to appearance, lifestyle and love of beauty! I think I probably started wearing make-up on a daily basis at far too young an age (around 11, I think) and have had periods of being far too ‘expressive’ with make-up at times. However, this means I’ve really had chance to play around with make-up and beauty and find out what work’s for me, my skin and my lifestyle.

I have always been quite ‘in to’ make-up and skin care, but it’s only since starting preparations for my wedding that I have started to watch video blogs and read reviews which has led me to trying a lot of new things – from make-up application techniques to my skin care regime. I suppose my hope for this blog is to track my progress with this and to record all my thoughts and experiences along the way.

I’m hoping my blog can be of some help you, with regards to choosing new products and exploring new styles to skin care and make-up. I’ll be reviewing make-up and skin care products from low – medium price-points, reporting on my successes and failures in trying new styles and looks, and inviting you to share your opinions and suggestions for more content along the way!


Thanks again for reading!



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