Birthday Blog!

Hi everyone!

We’ll, I’m the big 2-7 today. Bit of an odd age, or so it feels. Not quite near enough to get excited about 30th birthday celebrations, but not near enough to 20 to… well just not near enough to 20 in general! *sob!*

Anyway, I have some cool ideas for my upcoming blogs and features so keep your eyes peeled for posts such as Top Tip Tuesday and some funky make-up style experiments as well as lots more reviews – I have at least 15 products to write about in the coming weeks!

Stay birthday beautiful!




Thanks for visiting my new blog! It’s under-way now and will hopefully be full of reviews and advice in no time at all! But until then, you can read my About Me page, as well as my first review – just click the links in the navigation bar!

Stay beautiful!