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Clinique High Impact Mascara

IMAG3787 (1)


Ideal for: A great effect quickly. Lengthening and volumising!

Overall Rating 4/5


As you might have guessed by my previous reviews, I like to get a good deal on my make-up and skin care! This one was no exception – but I’ll review this one as if I bought it the full price of £17.50, rather than getting a free sample!

At a risk of starting off with a negative point, I must make it clear that you pretty much have to pre-curl your lashes before using this mascara. I’m in the habit of doing it every day now but it can be a bit of a chore when you first set out doing it as part of your daily make-up routine. Without the curling, I have straight, sticky-out eye lashes. They don’t look to bad, and can even sometime look longer that way, but I do prefer them to have that ‘girly’ and fluttery looking curl in them, and let my mascara take care of the volume and lengthening! Below is a picture of the first time I used the mascara. It’s around 4pm in this picture so the lashes have lost some curl but the effect is still great!

Clinique Extreme Lash

The mascara felt really light-weight for the impact it was having on my lashes, even with just one coat. I didn’t get any clumping even after the second coat. I think this could be down to the brush. The brush design is nothing new or revolutionary, just a ‘old-faithful’ style, that I am used to and love to use. The brush will immediately separate any lashes that start to gravitate toward one another pretty quickly.

I have a smaller, sample sized version of the usual 8ml retail product, but I thought that the tube worked great at taking off any excess product before application. It really didn’t pile it on, and seems to distribute the mascara well. The brush was small enough to get into the bottom lashes really easily and without any of the frustrating messes that I get with some mascaras! The colour is a nice deep black, and has a good strong colour pay-off!

I gave it 4/5 and this is only down to the price of the usual retail product. I got this free and loved it, but would probably keep trying others out before paying £17.50 for the next one. Price aside though, it is a beautiful mascara if you can get a magazine freebie or sample version! It’s available in black and brown/black.


You can buys yours here! 


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation



Ideal for: Medium, buildable coverage on tired skin

Overall Rating 4.5/5


As ever, I’m a sucker for a bargain! I got this recently when Boots had a promotion on to get ANY 2 Rimmel products for £10 (usual retail price £8.50). I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it as my ‘work day’ foundation.

If you get up in the morning feeling a little sluggish and exhausted, it often reflects in yours skin. Using my usual primer (Clinique’s Super Primer – see previous review) I have used this for the last few weeks for work and it really makes a difference. If I wear a fuller coverage foundation, it initially looks great, but by around midday it feels cakey and uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I want to look as flawless as possible as much of the day as I can, but anything heavy on the face is just frustrating by lunch.

This foundation is light and so easy to apply. I apply with my fingers – I really see no point what so ever in using a brush for a medium coverage base that you’re only doing one, all over coat of. It goes on beautifully and really lifts my complexion instantly! I have dry/combination skin so a lot of foundations leave me looking a little bit like a prune, especially as winter approaches. This foundation feels light and has great coverage to match. A big plus for me is that I can still see my freckles whilst getting good balance of any of my uneven skin tones. You’d definitely have to use a concealer for any bumps or blemishes, but for evening the skin tone and giving an overall glow, this stuff is magic! And for the price, I really don’t think it can be beaten.

I think the only reason it got 4.5 out of 5 from me is the range of colours available on the high street. Although the Rimmel website claims it only comes in 5 shades, Superdrug and Boots do it in 6 (the shade IVORY doesn’t appear as an option on the Rimmel website, but is available in store). I know 6 shades is pretty standard, I can’t help but think this stuff would be perfect if I could get a more neutral ivory – they have Ivory (quite yellow) and True Ivory (quite pink – the shade I use) and I think I’m somewhere in between. I guess I’ll have to buy both and mix them…sneak, sneaky Rimmel!


You can get yours here!




No7 Lash & Brow Perfector



Ideal for: Setting a pencilled or powdered in brow.

Overall Rating: 3-4 out of 5…depending on what you want it for!

Like most beauty products I have purchased, I got this as part of a promotional voucher from Boots – £3 off No7 cosmetics. They run this promotion quite frequently so it’s best to buy this sort of thing then. (I got it for £5.50 with the voucher – usual retail price is £8.50)

First, let me start off by saying this is pretty useless at doing much to your eyelashes, in my opinion. Admittedly though, mascara is something I can’t really do without. This might be a lot more satisfying to someone who wants a barely there(!) make-up look or someone who wants a ‘waterproof’ effect without the ‘GOD DAMN, THIS STUFF DOESN’T COME OFF!’ effect that follows at make-up removal time. But for me, wearing mascara is in the hope of getting the lashes as long and fluttery as possible whilst not over powering at the same time. This plainly had no effect on my lashes.

As an eye brow gel/set though, it’s pretty awesome! It’s colourless so you need to apply a pencil or powder underneath to fill in the eyebrows first, but using this product afterwards really improves the stay of the under product. I have an issue with my eyebrow hairs seeming to droop and fall down throughout the day, so this is great for sweeping them up and out and keeping them there for longer. It really helps to emphasise the shape and makes the brows appear so much more groomed and flawless.

I’ve given it a 3-5 out of 5, as it’s advertised as a duel-purpose product, and quite frankly it totally fails in the eyelash department. I will definitely be purchasing it again as a brow gel though!

You can order yours from Boots here!




Clinique – Super Primer Universal Face Primer (15ml Travel Size)

Clinique Superprimer

Ideal for: Smoothing the skin surface before your base and avoiding too much movement of the makeup throughout the day.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

I first tried this product at a Clinque counter and could not believe the velvet-y finish when applying a small amount to my hand. I sometimes find that if I wear foundation and full powder, that my face can look really porous and cakey so trying this was an attempt to smooth the surface before I applied any base. I have read and watched reviewers have many different opinions of primers – some love them and some simply don’t see the point. For me, it’s similar to the effect I get when I moisturise just before my make-up, just with a purpose built effect. The result with this primer, however, was a lot more even and smooth than if I’d used my moisturiser (although obviously it doesn’t act as a moisturiser) so I definitely like to use it whenever I can. For me, I can do without out it most days (if my skin isn’t playing silly-beggars) but I definitely feel a lot more ‘set’ and smooth when I do wear it. I only bought the travel sized tube to try – to make sure it was right for me – but I will definitely purchase it again at some point. I have used a couple of other more ‘high street’ brand primers that really just feel like a moisturiser, but paying the extra for this gives you a real step up in terms of result. I have given it 4/5 stars purely because it’s a little pricier than I’d usually go for at £20 for the full sized 30ml tube, but it’s a definite must-have for me if ever there’s a special occasion and I want to look and feel a little more expensive! There are a few primers available in Clinique’s range that are aimed at particular problem areas ie. redness, dullness etc. This one in particular is an all-rounder. It definitely did wonders for the texture and the pre-make up preparation of my skin!

You can buy the 30ml size for £20 here! 


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