Work with what you’ve got and forget about what you haven’t !

Hi everyone!

I’ve not been any good at keeping up with my top tips, but here comes one right now!

Today, it’s a lip-tip! I have really(!) small and fairly thin lips. If you’re lips are the same, forget the awful looking over-drawing with lip liners (it’s truely terrible, sorry Kylie Jenner!), why not try and use what you have?!


Firstly, your lips are naturally sized to fit with all the other parts of your face in perfect proportion, so enlarging them just throws your facial dimensions all out of kilter. Instead, use a high shine lip stick or gloss to emphasis the plumpness of your lips rather than the size?


I use Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour gloss, in Precious Petal. It’s a good quality, tough cookie of a gloss, that takes a lot to budge! It has a soft pinky peach colour (great for my fair skin) and some really fine sparkles, for a little bit of glam!

I took a before and after pic of me with and without gloss – notice how the light reflecting properties of high gloss really add depth to the lips!


It’s not a great photo but the difference is undeniable!

That’s it for today, my prettiest. In the meantime…

Stay beautiful!